About Diabetes West


At Diabetes West we hate to blow our own horn. Besides, action speaks louder than words. But for your peace of mind, these are the reasons why we are told you can trust us. Of course, you can also ask our friends.


We got the badge… Diabetics West was founded in 2003 for the explicit purpose of specialist diabetes treatment. Apart from what we’ve learnt academically, we now have more than a decade of learning from experience behind us. We’re still standing. And we’re growing stronger by the day.


Together, we’re part of something bigger than each one of us are ourselves… No one person can know it all. This is why we have a multidisciplinary team that consists of different individuals who are all specialists in a particular area of diabetes.


Location, location… For the convenience of our friends who are living with diabetes, we have three strategically located clinics in Roodepoort, Krugersdorp and Parklane. The newest addition Parklane is our gestational diabetes focus clinic.


The results speak for itself… Diabetes West was rated one of the top centres when independently audited for performance as a Diabetes Centre of Excellence by the CDE, based on elements such as facilities, service and patient care. To be honest, this not only says something about us, but it also says something about our friends who are living with diabetes. We were scored for our patients’ results (whom we prefer to call our friends), how well they respond to the treatment and how well they take part in their treatment.


We make time for you… The average length of our consultation is way longer than the average length of consultations generally. Rather than clock watching, we take the time needed to understand and address your issue.


We have a recognised Insulin Pump Centre

For some of our friends living with diabetes, even regular insulin injection is not offering reasonable control of their blood sugar. And for our very young ones, the idea of insulin injections at school without support can be overwhelming and intimidating. To help them get the treatment they need in a manner they are comfortable with, we have established an accredited Insulin Pump Centre.


Ultimately the very reason for our existence here at Diabetes West, is because of people like you, who have to make the most of living with diabetes. And we get great joy from helping you, help YOU. Click here to speak to us now.

Clinics & Services

We have three strategically located clinics in Joburg & surrounds and a full range of specialist diabetes services.

Pregnancy and Diabetes

Why every pregnant woman should take note of diabetes and what precautions should be taken.