How can physical activity help me take care of my diabetes?

Physical activity and keeping a healthy weight can help you take care of your diabetes and prevent diabetes problems. Physical activity helps your blood glucose also called blood sugar, stay in your target range.


Physical activity also helps the hormone insulin absorb glucose into all your body’s cells, including your muscles, for energy. Muscles use glucose better than fat does. Building and using muscle through physical activity can help prevent high blood glucose. If your body doesn’t make enough insulin, or if the insulin doesn’t work the way it should, the body’s cells don’t use glucose. Your blood glucose levels then get too high, causing diabetes.


Starting a physical activity program can help you lose weight or keep a healthy weight and keep your blood glucose levels on target. Even without reaching a healthy weight, just a 5-10kg weight loss makes a difference in reducing the risk of diabetes problems.


There are a number of issues that has to be addressed before you get started and different types of physical activities are suitable for different people.  To get checked out and get started on the right type of physical activity for you, click here to speak to us now to arrange an appointment with one of our biokineticists.

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