What is diabetes?

Without going into the boring technicalities, diabetes, or diabetes mellitus- medically speaking, is a group of metabolic disorders (involving fats, carbohydrates and proteins) that raise the glucose levels in your blood. This is commonly referred to as ‘high blood sugar.’

There are a variety of causes for this, genetic, hereditary or other. But the most common underlying cause of it is that the pancreas does not produce insulin sufficiently or that the body is not able to process the insulin it has to its avail.

Insulin is a hormone that regulates your blood sugar levels and we do need moderate volumes of glucose in our blood for energy. But excessively raised blood sugar levels can cause a myriad of uncomfortable symptoms which in turn may lead to a range of other health risks and diseases that could even be fatal.

Clinics & Services

We have three strategically located clinics in Joburg & surrounds and a full range of specialist diabetes services.

Pregnancy and Diabetes

Why every pregnant woman should take note of diabetes and what precautions should be taken.